In my works there are also continuous recalls of occidental art: I often use parts, pieces, small adaptations of other works of the past, I often make identical copies of them, sometimes with very
small changes, other times I redesign them with different techniques reassembling everything in collages where the parts melt into an only visual unity.

These also are quotations. But quotations of occidental visual arts.

These are only small aspects: but I am not my own critic so I leave this job to others.


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From another point of view I am in debt towards some of the teachers I had in my training and experimental period: particularly I am in debt with an architect: Leonardo Savioli perhaps only known in his orbit, I am also in debt with a painter who is now perhaps unknown -Tomasia-, with an art critic - Giuseppe Cantelli - and with a music teacher -Mario Fabbri - for having helped me -perhaps without knowing in that period - to go towards the road of rational order and form; This is true not only in the activities in which these people operate or operated, painting, graphics, design, architecture and music, but also in multimedial visual arts and cinema.
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